Movie Minutes

The Long Story Short


The Skinny

We leave ourselves so little time to do much of anything, let alone enjoy a good movie. You might be spinning your wheels trying to select the perfect film to watch on Movie Night with your buddies, girlfriends, and S/Os. It’ll take forever to sift through the content of online databases, and the usual critic scene is just too pretentious to trust.

So I’m going to make this really easy for you and give you the most out of the least. I aim to provide a short, solid critique of the basic story, direction, and key performances of any film I watch. I do this for two reasons: 1) to help you end the agony of going around in circles, screaming, “I don’t care what we watch – just pick a movie!” and 2) to scratch an itch – films are one of my oldest interests, and I simply love talking about them.

Disclaimer: my opinions are my own. I have a tendency to exaggerate and animate when I debate and discuss, but my intentions are never to offend.

The Background

I don’t know about you, but when life gets too real to deal, I retreat into movies. My dad taught me from a young age that at the end of a long day, you have to leave all your stress at your desk (be it at school, at work, or at home). Take time to unwind and escape into something you love. With film, we explored endless worlds filled with mystery, laughter, good guys, bad guys, songs, silence, monsters, killers – and yes, even aliens.

For Dad, movies were all about escapism and entertainment. He never spent a lot of time critiquing what he watched, never picked a favorite film, director, or actor. He absorbed and enjoyed almost anything and only ruled out two genres – the average “bro” comedy and horror. To him, every film he saw was “the best movie ever made,” even when it only earned $8 million at the box office and was shredded by every critic from USA Today to Rotten Tomatoes. And let me assure you – Dad has seen almost everything that doesn’t fall into those two exceptional genres I previously mentioned. Whether he admits it or not, his knowledge of film spans further than most. His collection of movies is the largest I’ve ever seen. If I had to venture a guess, I’d say it ranges somewhere in between 400-500 movies and counting, spanning every viewing format in existence – DVD, BlueRay, Digital – heck, he has at least a hundred VHS’s still lying around.

Now, I’ll never have the same breadth of knowledge or exposure as my dad, but I’ll always have his passion for the great American picture show. My film collection only makes up a fraction of his. Let’s face it – he’s at the peak of his career and has the time and resources to invest in the family hobby. Me? I’m still scraping for time to sleep and eat, let alone sit down to watch the latest hit in theaters. But that doesn’t stop me from streaming my favorite flicks online or stopping by the video section at Target to rummage through bargain bin rejects. And I don’t know if I’m a product of my generation or if it’s just me, but I’m more critical of the content I watch than my dad ever was. It is for that reason that I come before you to offer this content.

I hope you enjoy my perspective, as it is two generations in the making, and that it adds something to your own viewing experience.

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