Initial Reaction:
Total shock. Then, “I want to see it again immediately!”

The Basics

  • Main Production Company: Disney
  • Director: Bill Condon
  • Key actors/actresses: Too many to list, and all are wonderful
  • Stand-out performance: Luke Evans

The Details:

When this movie was first announced, I, like many nostalgic Disney fans, was nervous. It was bad enough they were screwing with Beauty and the Beast, one of the most beloved animated movies of all time, but what if their live-action retelling missed the mark entirely? Could I forgive Disney for such a travesty?

Boy, was I wrong! This film is fantastic and is worth multiple viewings, if only to continually get the immense high that comes from experiencing its magic.

The cast is the heart and soul of this film. Emma Watson is lovely as Belle, if not a little over auto-tuned, and Dan Stevens gives a wonderful portrayal of the lonely Beast in search of redemption. The supporting cast is also enchanting, filled with household names we all love.

However, the stand-out performance comes from Luke Evans, who not only nails his role as the villain Gaston, but is seemingly born to play this part. I can’t imagine any other actor bringing the original animated brute to life – he’s ruined it for anyone else who ever tries.

The Ruling: Buy, watch, repeat.

Featured Image courtesy of Google Images.