Welcome friends and fellow film fanatics! You made it down the rabbit hole to the place where all blogs begin. Though I am new to this level of internet existence, I thank you for stumbling upon my small corner of the world and hope you leave better prepared to decide the lineup for movie night.

My mission for this blog is to provide the short and dirty of what you need to know about a film before heading to the theater, losing yourself in the black hole of streaming services, or renting the classics off iTunes.

Expect reviews that are easy on the eyes and light on pretense. If you’re looking for a thousand-word essay on the genius of Stanley Kubrick, laced with poetry and irony by your beatnik film-studies professor, you’re in the wrong place. While I have yet to find my groove, I imagine that most entries on this site will follow a similar format, to make things easy for you to digest and even easier for me to upkeep. A win-win, as they say.

Saddle up, partners – it’s going to be a wild ride!